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Grow at Home- More Links!

The interest in home vegetable growing is not showing any signs of slowing down, so we’ve gathered together even more helpful links and resources in this blog post.

If you are growing in a limited space, the vertical veg guy has got you covered! Walls, Pots, whatever you’ve got, using creative ways to use what space you do have, it’s amazing how much you can grow, follow the link here .

Peter, the community gardener’s at PLANT in Tayport has blogs and Vlogs on the PLANT website with lots of veg growing advice here.

The Ninewells Facilitators have been collaborating with a number of groups to bring you gardening advice from around the area. If you need inspiration about what to grow plants in, what to sow or want a virtual tour of Strathkinness Community Garden, you can find summaries of the workshops co-hosted by Ninewells Garden, PLANT and Edible Campus St Andrews here. There are more workshops being hosted and added weekly at the moment.

If you have a Facebook account, you might want to follow up the Grow Dundee Facebook page, where Dundee growers are sharing advice, solving problems, posting photos of seedlings and chatting all things gardening.

If you are trying your hand at growing with young children, this website set up by a Fife mum growing with her preschool daughter can give you some good tips.

Thrive gardening Charity has set up a Gardening club, sending gardening advice straight to your email inbox every two weeks, sign up here.

Hopefully that should get you started and keep you going! Please choose Peat Free compost to protect the carbon storing biodiverse peat bogs that do so much to lock in carbon and reduce downstream flooding.

Remember you can get in touch with your local friendly facilitators June and Helena for garden advice. Happy Gardening.

chard seedlings
potting on chard seedlings
Chilli seedlings

Grow at Home – Lots of links!

As more people are staying at home with the Coronavirus COVID19 lockdown and movement restrictions, the interest in growing at home has also increased. Here at Ninewells garden we’re even asking you lovely people to sow an extra seed or two for us so we can plant up the garden when we are able to restart our volunteering group sessions.

Luckily there are lots of resources out there to help everyone make a success of whatever growing they want to try, from a pot of herbs on a windowsill to turning your front garden into a veggie patch.

It’s also time to get inventive! Not everyone had the chance to stock up on gardening supplies before the garden centres and shops closed. All the online garden supply stores also seem to be having a lot more demand. So many of us will have to make do with what we’ve got.

Luckily our local DCC Community Allotment Officer, Kate Treharne, has started a Lockdown Gardening Channel on YouTube. It is absolutely fantastic! So far it includes videos on sprouting seeds and making compost as well as many more, take a look.

If you have a garden CASA (the Community Support group in St Andrews) have a nice webpage written up with ideas to grow at home .

If you are not sure when and how to start your seeds, the back of the packets have good information, but keep in mind that here in Scotland we can get colder nights for longer, and a lot of seedlings don’t like the cold. Charles Dowding’s sowing calendar guidelines are also great, but add a couple of extra weeks on to the dates to avoid the plants getting frosted. If you are interested Charles Dowding has made lots of videos about growing ‘No Dig’ to watch to learn more, or refer back to as a refresher.

Remember that it’s ok if you don’t get everything right, the plants will probably try to grow anyway. And if they don’t, take what you learn and try again.

As always you can ask your friendly garden facilitators, June and Helena for top tips, and gardening advice. An email, text, or facebook message will get through to us.

Happy Gardening!